»My scientific work is driven by an irresistible desire

to understand the secrets of nature, and by nothing else.«

(Albert Einstein)


»I'm sick and tired of hearing things

  From uptight, short-sighted, narrow-minded hypocritics

  All I want is the truth.«

(John Lennon)



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Peter Ostermann


Dipl.-Phys. TU Munich,

teacher (for 14 years);

1975-83 dynamic paradoxa of

special relativity theory;

1984 start of

Heureka educational software;

1993 independent physicist

2001/02 a new stationary

cosmological solution of

general relativity theory;

2005/06 concept of a

unified theory of

electrodynamics, gravitation,

and quantum mechanics

(presented at MG11 Berlin);

2007-09 support for

SUM (Stationary Universe Model)

by reanalysis of the Supernova-data,

(presented at MG12 Paris)

as well as 2009 a

Tohu-va-bohu background universe.

2013 a self-contained

SUM presentation including a

mathemtically perfect Planck spectrum

composed of redshifted

'dark' matter microwave radiation



mit Einstein und dem Esel

A book for open-minded readers,

without special mathematical knowledge.

- - -

(Initially in German,

publisher is looking for professional translation)